Serious Injury & Wrongful Death

“When I was too hurt to even play with my children… You took the time to care.” – client

Serious Injury & Wrongful Death

Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

Serious and catastrophic injuries can change the life of a victim and his or her family members forever. Typical injures we have seen include spinal injuries, amputations, second and third-degree burns, blindness, paralysis and severe brain injuries to name just a few. These injuries often required that the victim receive extended periods of medical care and supervision, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

First and foremost, it is imperative that these victims receive the very best medical care that is available. Even if the prognosis for complete and total recovery is slim, marginal improvement can greatly improve an individuals state of mind as dignity is often intertwined with the ability to do at least some things independently. Adjustment and planning to this new reality will rarely be easy, but it most involve honest conversation, proper financial planning and thoughtful coordination amongst doctors, family members and most importantly the victim.

As legal counsel we advocate to make sure that mental health professionals, financial planners, doctors, insurance companies and others see serious injury victims as a real people, and not just financial opportunities or burdens. Lending our strength and expertise to those in need is why we do this in the first place, as nothing is more gratifying than seeing a client start to enjoy life again.


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