Referral Cases

Choosing the right attorney can be overwhelming in a world where mass advertising is barely regulated. We have trusted partners we can call for you.

Referral Cases

We Frequently Refer Cases To Our Trusted Partners in the Following Areas:


Having experienced the inner workings of a prosecutor’s office, we know that individuals can (sometimes) be charged with crimes they didn’t commit and quite frequently are over-charged to make a point. We know some highly competent and effective criminal defense attorneys ready to go to bat for you.

Worker’s Compensation

Injuries on the job can be tricky to handle. Especially in Georgia where employees are considered “at will” and can be fired for almost any reason. If you are worried about handling the situation on your own, we can point you in the right direction.


Quite a few of us have had one too many glasses of wine or one beer too many. Put simply, we have all made mistakes. If you got caught drinking and driving we have a great relationships with attorneys who can and will fight for you.

Family Law

Adoption, divorce, permanent or temporary guardianship and most family matters require an attorney who is not only knowledgeable about the law but also willing to listen. We are more than willing to connect you with the right attorney to help usher you throug this emotional period in your life.

Commercial Licenses

A CDL is not just a license, it is often one’s livelihood and should be protected at all costs. Avoiding serious or major violations is critical, and should never be handled without consulting an attorney. We can help.

Product Liability

Spotting product liability cases is not easy. Toy and vehicle recalls, consumer reports and government notices are just a few of the many “warning signs” one has to be appraised of for quality insight. We can help.

Landlord v. Tenant

Rarely do landlords and tenants come to a mutual agreement on the amount of past due rent, needed property repairs or the condition of vacated property. Don’t waste time and money arguing. We can help.