About Mileage & Gas Reimbursement

We consider wear and tear on your vehicle for trips to the doctor, and then having to pay your own gas and mileage costs, insult to injury. After all, your vehicle was already damaged in the collision, and this will undoubtedly make it harder to trade in or sell for fair value.

For each gallon of gas or extra mile you put on your car as a result of having to go see a doctor, chiropractor or health care specialist, we will demand full compensation from the defendant driver and his or her insurance company. This will not normally be a large sum of money as you usually get more for your injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages; but we leave no stone unturned as we work to get you all the compensation you deserve for your case. Insurance company adjusters will often disagree about what is fair mileage and a fair reimbursement rate, so documentation is important and helpful. Also, to avoid any last-minute surprises, we normally prefer to negotiate a fair and reasonable property damage reimbursement before resolution of your personal injury claim.

How You Can Help Your Case

You can help increase your recovery by keeping track of your mileage to and from the doctors or health care providers. Don’t worry, there is an app for that. We would also suggest that you keep track of any gas receipts that you accumulate during the period of injury treatment and recovery. If you have to pay UBER, LYFT for a neighbor for a ride, please keep track of those expenses as well. As a part of your property damage claim, your attorney can present this evidence to the insurance adjuster. That will help ensure your claim is valued properly, and you get maximum recovery.