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  • “Hands Free” Driving is Now the Law!!

    Effective July 1, 2018, Georgia drivers will have to be “hands free” when behind the wheel, with limited exceptions for law enforcement and other first responder or emergency personnel.

  • About Mileage & Gas Reimbursement

    We consider wear and tear on your vehicle for trips to the doctor, and then having to pay your own gas and mileage costs, insult to injury. After all, your vehicle was already damaged in the collision, and this will undoubtedly make it harder to trade in or sell for fair value.

  • About Probate

    Under Georgia law, probate is required as a part of personal injury damage claims in certain circumstances. One often unexpected but nonetheless common scenario occurs when a minor is injured in a motor vehicle accident, and the gross amount of settlement will exceed $15,000.00. See O.C.G.A. § 29-3-2.

  • About Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is a very serious development that can impact personal injury claims in a variety of ways. One common example occurs when the negligent defendant (i.e. the person who caused the accident) declares bankruptcy in order to protect their assets from a jury verdict or judgment.