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Personal injury… that’s truly Personal.
The TV Attorney You meet

Large personal injury firms that advertise on billboards and television often do no meet with clients. Frequently referred to as “mills”, the attorneys are simply too busy with other clients to get to know you. We’re different, as we meet with every client.

Regular Updates on your Case

We have a saying, “fear starts in the dark”. No client wants to experience the frustration and futility of not being able to contact their lawyer and their staff. We provide regular updates so you can stay informed and not have to worry about your case.

Willing to go to trial

Insurance adjusters get paid to make sure that you get as little money as possible. It’s easy for them to say no or devalue the importance of your injuries and claim. A sure fire way to push back is to sue the insurance company for what you deserve. If necessary, we’re happy to do so.

Limited case loads to serve you better!

A lawyer, like a doctor with patients or a teacher with students, can only effectively handle so many clients at one time. We do not allow our attorneys to become overwhelmed with cases to the point where our clients are neglected or denied the absolute best legal services we can provide.

cellphone access to your attorney

In the real world things happen outside 9 to 5 work hours. You may need access to an attorney or case manager and we make that easy for you by providing cellphone numbers that you can call anytime. We understand the importance of communication and will never leave you in the dark.

Help with Property Damage

If you ask around, many personal injury firms do not assist with property damage claims. Simply put, there’s no money in it. Rather than leaving you to fend for yourself against an experienced property damage adjuster we help you with the process so that you can have a fighting chance for what’s right.

See What Our Clients Say...

Esther Pena
Esther Pena
I can't recommend Derek and his team enough! My family used the Horne Law Firm for a personal injury case that caused my father-in-law to be out of work for over a year. Derek was amazing at always keeping us informed and explaining everything in a way we could understand. The case was settled and we are very happy with the end result! I would not hesitate to recommend the Horne Law firm to anyone!
Christopher Horne
Christopher Horne
First off, no we’re not related haha. But truthfully this law firm will leave you with a great feeling when it’s all said and done. I heard horror stories of peoples experiences with lawyers and such but from start to finish Derek was fantastic. It’s not often that you get personalized service from the owner of the firm but Derek and his entire team were very helpful during the entire process. They always had my best interest in mind and he even paid a few fees that I incurred when going after a diminished value claim when he didn’t have to. Anytime I called or had a question I received a call back within minutes or Derek himself picked up right away. Top notch service and not to mention a lawyer who sends his clients custom Christmas cards with a gift card, ask me how I know ;). Have a consultation to see for yourself and you be the judge.
Stephanie Cherry Olubowale
Stephanie Cherry Olubowale
Exceptional friendly service.
I definitely recommend Horne Law Firm. They did a fantastic job settling my case. Derek and Tom are great as well as their staff. I will 100% go back to them if the time comes. Thank you guys for everything!
HAHA Very Funny Fasha
HAHA Very Funny Fasha
Eva Underwood
Eva Underwood
SN Industries
SN Industries
My lawyer of choice. All the perks of a large firm, with the benifits of a “Friend” that is on your side.
Denise white
Denise white
Devin White
Devin White
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Derrick, Kelsey, and Tom at different stages of our case. Then entire team goes above and beyond to do everything they can to help achieve the best results possible when it comes to settling your case and not only do they do such a good job at the intricate process of settling a suit, but they also Excell at making you feel like it's a team effort and that your not just another case or dollar sign. I truly felt like throughout the entirety of my dealing with the team, they made a point to have a very human element and honesly wanted the best for me, regardless of whether that related to more money and they had my back the whole time! ( As I told Derrick, I hope to never be in a situation again that would require their service, but if for any reason, I do, there's not a single doubt in my mind in regards to who I'd want in my corner or my friends or family's corner and that's the Horne Law Firm! )

Practice Areas

The Horne Law Firm specialized in a variety of personal injury cases. 

Rideshare cases

Bringing a claim or lawsuit against a major corporation like Uber or Lyft requires special skills and knowledge. Our attorneys have successfully fought and won against rideshare companies and their negligent drivers.

Brain injury

Brain science has advanced markedly, but doctors are only beginning to understand the diagnosis, treatment and long-term health effects of TBI, many require special screening.

Serious injury
& Wrongful Death

A sudden tragedy can turn anyone’s life upside down. In the blink of an eye, an individual or family can be faced with enormous medical bills, catastrophic injury and a wrongdoer denying responsibility.

vehicle accidents

Some accidents are more than just “fender benders”. Collisions involving serious injury, tractor trailers or willful behavior (DUI, texting, etc.), require the knowledge and resources of a law firm.


An accident with an 80,000 pound vehicle can be a life changing experience and receiving full compensation from a transportation company for your trouble  can be difficult. We’re here to help!


Often questioned or simply devalued by insurance companies and defense attorneys, ear injury caused by airbag explosions (and other causes) can lead to a lifetime of hearing loss, pain and discomfort. Let us assist you.

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