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Big Enough to Help.
Small Enough to Care.

We can’t take everyone, but if we do take your case
you will get experience, integrity and resolve.
You deserve that.

Is Horne Law Right for Me?

  1. Yes, if you want to actually meet your attorney.
  2. Yes, if you want regular updates on your case.
  3. Yes, if you want a law firm that is willing to go to trial.
  4. No… if you want an attorney who simulanteously “represents” hundreds of other clients.
  5. No… if you want a volume based firm or “mill”.
  6. YES!… unless you just like talking to a call center and want a TV attorney you'll never meet.
American Asscociation for Justice
Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
Member, State Bar of Georgia
BBB Accredited Business

Free Consultation

Choosing the right attorney is about more than mass advertising, clever slogans or slick marketing. It needs to be the right fit. Meet with us at NO COST and we will be glad to see how we can help.

Contingency Fees

We understand personal injury victims are often out of work, yet still have to pay bills and living expenses. We FORGO OUR LEGAL FEES until we win your case… and don’t charge if we lose.

Top Notch Referrals

If your legal needs are outside the scope of our practice, we can still help. Our network of associated attorneys are pre-screened to ensure excellent client care and the BEST RESULTS FOR YOU.

Practice Areas

Car & Truck Accidents

Many accidents are more than just “fender benders”. Collisions involving serious injury, tractor trailers or willful behavior (wreckless driving, texting, etc.), require the knowledge and resources of a law firm. We can help >

DUI & Traffic Citations

We all make mistakes. An extra glass of wine or a speeding ticket should not result in a suspended license or thousands of dollars in additional insurance premiums. Make sure you get treated fairly. We can help >

Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL)

A CDL is not just a license, it is usually one’s livelihood and should be protected at all costs. Avoiding serious or major violations is critical, and should never be handled without consulting an attorney. We can help >


We wouldn’t be good at what we do if we specialized in everything under the sun. That said, we still want to serve our community and help those in need. If you need a referral please just ask us. We can help >

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